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Feast of Dominic Savio May 6th

Today we celebrate holiness in adolescence. Its not an obvious quality in our minds as we look at teenagers as they struggle into maturity. All we sometimes see is mood swings, acne and outrageous behaviour. Today’s feast is the antidote to that perception of young people.

Dominic Savio was a Saint by the age of 15. He was already aware of the mystery o God’s presence in ordinary things: in relationships, in silence and in creation. He already felt called personally into the task of bringing joy and hope into the lives of his friends. He did that through games, cheerfulness and encouragement. He was an ordinary saint hidden in plain sight in the playground. Dominic was also a mystic, he was aware of so many needs around him, sensitive to the call of God’s presence in his life. Above all, he became a saint through friendship, especially with people in his age group who were struggling.

Could you spot the adolescent saints in your school or parish? Have a think about the ones who come out of difficult homes, always dressed well. Think about the young people experiencing separation of their parents and who seem to keep cheerful through it all. Think about the young people who always seem be reflective and yet involved in helping others in ordinary ways. Can you see any saints now?

Here’s what Pope Francis describes as the signs of holiness from Chapter 4 of Gaudete et Exultate

1. Joy and a sense of humour

2. Boldness and passion

3. A sense of community and belonging

4. Constant reflective prayer

5. Persevering gentleness

Look again at the young people in your school, parish and family and play “I spy saints” today.

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