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Salesian Holiness

Pope Francis wrote one of his letters, Gaudete et Exultate about holiness. He offered, in chapter four, five signs of holiness in people, including young people. Here they are:
  1. Being joyful and cheerful
  2. Having boldness and passion for serving others
  3. Ready to build community
  4. Constant prayerful reflection
  5. Patience and gentleness
When we look at our pupils and colleagues many of these signs are obvious. Could it be that we are living with saints? Are we walking with holy people at school and at home? No one is perfect and saints are not perfect either. But perhaps we are more holy than we think. Salesian schools make saints, they make good Christians and honest citizens.
There is a lot of follow up material here in power points to get you thinking about down to earth holiness. The material is based on a retreat week in California on holiness.
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