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Walking on the waters of COVID

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

A reflection for teachers returning to school

Read Matthew 14 22 - 33

We are walking on the waters of COVID

Stepping into a sea of uncertainty

Hoping to find our feet in a new term

We are leaving lockdown's limbo

To walk alongside the young

Through a sea of change

Curriculum changes threaten

Bubbles drift down corridors

Relief and anxiety are masked

Don't look down to the swirling questions

Look up instead, into the faces of colleagues and pupils

Be grateful to be with them through this time of change

Because you are alive.....

Living the mystery that there is no real growth without disruption

Learning to trust the waters of change that will swirl through this term

Let your trust in others goodness grow this year

Because that goodness is stronger than any change

Rely on loving kindness to smooth the waves of uncertainty

Like St Peter, reach out your hand

to that deeper spirit that called you

to the vocation of teaching.

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