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Walking with Mary through advent

Only a few words as we start Advent 2023.

This is a quiet attentive liturgical time.

So, walk with Mary, through the confusion, promises, joys and upheavals of your life up to Christmas with Mary's attentive stillness.

Ask yourself:

How is God inviting you to say "yes" this Advent?

"Yes" to doing more, or doing less?

"Yes" to more reaching out to others, or finding stillness and quiet for your soul?

"Yes" to more optimism, or to more realism?

How will you say "yes" to Jesus this Advent?

Now watch the video.

A prayer with Mary

Mary, walk with me as we move towards Christmas.

The days grow shorter and darker,

The energy ebbs and sluggishly flows into winter.

So, help me to keep saying "yes" to the promptings

That come from the Spirit that led you to Motherhood

And to a cold stable in Bethlehem.

Show me how to trust The Spirit when things work out,

And when they fall apart.

So that I might follow your example,

And bring the love of Jesus to my world. AMEN

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