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What a school term!

Monitoring the activity across our Salesian school's network has been amazing this term. There has been so much happening in and beyond the classroom across the country.

All the schools have held election events, many returning a labour landslide! Students have been out and about with Christmas parties for the elderly, filling shoe boxes for the needs and running their own carol services as well as taking those out into the local community. Some of our pupils met the Queen this term, some have received national awards. Many have stepped onto the stage with dance, singing and some fantastic musicals. In addition the sports departments have been reaching heights in so many sports.

This term the outreach of our schools into the international network is going to expand with increased links to Spain and Italy as well as pilgrimages to Turin next summer. This year saw the launch of the Bosco Green Alliance which is encouraging Salesian schools across the world to network its young people on all green issues. Thornleigh has already signed up and I hope that our whole network will be able to register and work globally through our salesian family on this crucial issue.

Today, as most schools finish their term, I hope all those in education can look back at this term with a great deal of warmth and achievement at what has been done. Breathe at a different pace for a while and count the blessing of a term that has taken you all the extra mile, a term where you have been able to awaken in young people the seeds of a better future for us all.

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