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Walking with a purpose.

Julie O’Malley, our sister, is walking the West Highland Way from 4th sept 2022. A teacher of special needs young people and a mother of two boys, Julie retired recently and has been determined to keep fit. She loves wild water swimming, triathlon and has recently picked up long distance walking. So, in September, Julie is attempting the West Highland Way in Scotland.

When it came to deciding on a charity to raise money for, Julie has chosen The Pituitary Foundation. Part of her reason for highlighting this charity is that our brother, Peter, had a traumatic pituitary failure as a child leading to major surgery. He has been suffering it effects ever since. That struggle has gone on for almost fifty years and has left Peter with multiple complex issues including sight loss, and significant life changing complications. The condition is rare but there are over 80,000 diagnosed sufferers across the country. The pituitary foundation works to support sufferers and their families and works with professionals to improve diagnosis and treatment. Peter has worked for the foundation on their helpline and writes in their journal regularly about the condition.

As a family we have witnessed first hand how debilitating this condition can be to live with and manage. We are proud of Peter's resilience in meeting so many life-long challenges. We hope you will support us in this opportunity to raise awareness and funds for the Pituitary Foundation. The links you need are below.

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