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The spring board to mystery

With doodles and daydreams

When we should be learning

God sets our minds free

To feed deeper yearnings

Time can stand still

And imagination soars

The creative human spirit

Opens intuitive doors

Each subject has doorways

To wonder and awe

That can land young people

On their spiritual shore

There are doorways in numbers

In language and science

That open young minds

To a mystical guidance

And in training for rounders

Or when there’s a goal

The doors of eternity

Swing wide in the soul

In the heart of each child

And in every class

There’s a spring board to mystery

Look out for the splash!

The classroom is a setting where a spiritual curriculum is being worked through every day, albeit unconsciously. Wonder, awe, fascination, curiosity, self sacrifice, empathy and stillness are just below the surface in every classroom. The task of the teacher as a spiritual leader is to raise awareness of this deeper and eternal curriculum flowing beneath the tide of conscious learning in school. The wise classroom leader will ensure that they have some time to reflect on the spiritual dimension of their work. They will find that such reflection puts them in touch with their own spiritual life. Such inner awareness sensitises the classroom teacher to the spiritual dimension of their students and doorways to spirituality hidden in the curriculum that they are teaching. Then, the Gospel opens up giving both strength and direction to the classroom teacher. It is then that teachers recognise the lost sheep, the good samaritan, the prodigal son and the buried treasure within their classrooms.

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