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Prayer during testing term times

Litany of trust at the start of term January 2001


Lord, we stand at the threshold of a new term, a time of uncertainty, a time of challenge. WE don’t know what will happen, how we will manage personally. But we do know that we are not alone because we have colleagues around us, the energy of young people in our school and within each of us we have a spirit that can rise above all difficulties.

So, your response to these petitions is: We will find your energy and spirit

The litany

Lord, in the unity of our team work Response

In the energy and joy of our pupils Response

Through the change and challenge of this term Response

Through the tensions ahead Response

Through our leadership Response

Through our creativity in problems Response

When we run low on energy Response

When we are still and alone Response

When lessons go well Response

When we test for covid Response

When we disagree Response

Lord, stay with us in the uncertainties of this term and walk with our pupils every day. Help us to look after each other, teach and learn well and emerge from this year wiser and more united in the spirit of the Gospel.


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