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Covid Creation Climate- A reflection

Every breath

is a life and a death.

We must breathe out Before we can breathe in. We need to trust the breath That is still to come If we are to empty our lungs Hoping they will be filled again.

We all live and breathe by trust. Conscious now of covid We crave clean air Knowing now that we are breathing Other peoples’ breaths.

The same air flows through us As flows through Africa and Asia. The virus reveals the weaves That rise and fall in our human lives. Reminding us that rich or poor White or black, Muslim Buddhist,

Christian, gay or straight,

young or old, that we adhere, We stick together. We really are sisters and brothers.

Take our breath and we return to the clay Of our planetary home.

Without the breath of the spirit

we have no energy for collaboration

no reconciliation.

The breath of the Holy Spirit

Floods us with hope

To recognise strangers

As family members

And every meeting

is a homecoming.

Covid is a disaster And a worldwide learning Of the yearning to go deeper In a belonging to creation embracing nations and factions in a kindness that breathes

into all humankind

a new atmosphere and climate For living together.

Pray that we don't squander

but ponder on our so sore loss

in this pandemic megapuause.

Pray that we escape the normal

and business as usual

and live with more grace

on the face of our earth.

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